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Vehicle Alignment (Click Here to Play)

Hi there Ben here at Advanced Auto Tech.
I want to take a second today and talk about alignments.
This is an alignment machine.
So this machine we hook up these targets to the vehicle and
these wrap around the tire.
No rim contact except for this rubber bushing right here.
So that's actually an improved design.
What we do with an alignment is we adjust the steering and
suspension to were basically has the tires were pointing
straight down the road.
And as you're driving the vehicle over time hitting bumps
vehicle age these specifications tend to change a little
bit and when they do, they can cause a certainly a decrease
in fuel economy.
In addition to that they can cause tire wear.
So please come in and have an alignment check at
Advanced Auto Tech.
We do recommend once a year to have your alignment checked.
Thank You very much.