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Tires Pressure Replacement Rotation (Click Here to Play)

Tires Pressure Replacement Rotation (Click Here to Play)

Hi all Ben here at Advanced Auto Tech. We are going to take a minute and talk about tires. First, we would like to go over some important information that's located on your tire. Important information about your tires can be found on the tire. This information includes your tire size, speed rating, load range, and date of manufacture. The manufacturer date is the last four digits of the d-o-t number. As for maintaining tires, one of the most important things you can do is to keep the tire pressure correct. For most vehicles, you can locate your tire pressure on the driver’s side door jamb, but on some vehicles, the tire pressures are located inside the gas tank flap. Another way to maintain your tires is to keep them rotated at every service interval. The reason we do this is that if they're not rotated, they will start to wear unevenly. Tires that are not rotated regularly get cupped and that causes road-noise, and it also can cause some irregular patterns in the ... read more